About Us

Can we imagine dentistry today without high speed drills, fluoride, dental implants, cone beam CT, enamel remineralisation or advanced aesthetic dental materials? All of these came about as a result of dental research.

Research has the capacity to impact on all areas of dentistry leading to improved delivery of care for patients, reduction of risk factors and the burden of oral disease on individuals, the broader health system and the economy.

Australian dental researchers have a strong history and reputation in clinical, epidemiological and population oral health research. Dental research in Australia must continue to be advanced and the Australian Dental Research Foundation (ADRF), a joint initiative of the Australian Dental Association and the Australian Dental Industry Association, plays a critical role in funding dental and oral health research in Australia.

Each year donations made to the ADRF allow it to offer a range of grants and scholarships. To date, with the help of its donors, the ADRF has supported over 2,000 research projects conducted by dental students, early and mid-career researchers, and senior researchers within our world class dental schools.

The ADRF is committed to supporting:

A history of ADRF

Foundation Established

The Foundation was established on the initiative of Mr Colin Cormie, OBE, Chairman of the Australian Dental Trade Association (later ADIA).

1974 - 1982
Inspiration found

Mr Cormie, then ADRF Chairman, was inspired by the American Fund for Dental Health and the enthusiastic support of many people in the Australian Dental Association and the Australian Dental Trade Association. It was initially the Australian Dental Research and Education Trust, which was an unincorporated body.


The Fund (as it was originally known) became an incorporated body and adopted the name Australian Dental Research Fund (ADRF). Annual Reports have been published ever since 1983.

name Changed

A change of name from ‘Fund’ to ‘Foundation’ was approved by the Registrar of Associations.